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  • Name: Colored Glass-ceramic

The high quality colorful ceramic glass of Kanger glass produced has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and very excellent thermal shock resistance, it can be processed into different shapes and sizes and printed variety of patterns. The glass specially developed & designed for the kitchen stove. Its perfect magnetic permeability and thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, good gloss, feel delicate and smooth texture, long-term use discoloration, deformation, easy to clean, stylish and elegant. So the Kanger glass become the mainstream of the market, favored by consumers.The ceramic glass panel we process is very environmentally friendly, its main raw material is quartz, this material is inexhaustible in nature.
The main physicalcharacteristics:
-Coefficient of thermalExpansionis almost reach zero
- Well temperature stability and durability
- Mechanical stability is high
-System optimization infrared transmittance
- Low thermal conductivity
- Well thermal shock resistance