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Characteristics and Advantagesof Kanger Crystallite Tranparent Concave Pan
1. Wide Range of Application – It can be applied to the kitchen of all cooking heat source, storage equipment, cleaning tools, such as gas stove, oven, microwave, infrared oven, induction cooker, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet and so on. Material determines performance. The crystallite concave pan is made of  high heat-resistant glass with experimental data high temperature to 800 , under normal temperature difference between -30 to 400 (cold and heat instant), even if careless air burning state will not have security risk.
2. Sturdy and Durable -Kanger crystallite transparent pan is the revolutionary top cookware. The special material can withstand extremely high temperature, when other cookware damaged due to the high temperature, the crystallite transparent pan is still as good as new, shining brilliantly.
3. Health, Environmental Friendly, Safety – Crystallite glass is the healthiest, the most environmental friendly, the safest cooking utensils, and will not undergo chemical changes with others, Kanger crystallite transparent pan is the best cooking utensils.
4, One End of the Pan – The special temperature shock resistance of Kanger crystallite transparent pan decides it can be suitable used for the modern family, makes the tedious housework simplistic. Cooking, heating, and refrigerating, all aspects to heart dictates, then directly sent to the dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, one end of the pan, save time, save labor, save worry.
5, At a Glance – Crystallite transparent glass pan, easy view the situations of food cooking at any time, avoid the soup boiling overflow or food is cooked too long, the pan itself will not keep residual stains and food flavor, and keep easy to enjoy the fun of cooking and healthy food and great taste of family life.
6. Energy Conservation – Kanger crystallite transparent pan has unparalleled poly thermal insulation characteristic, it makes cooking easier, only make low heat or medium heat simmering after boiling, you can get the best cooking effect and saves energy at the same time.
7. Strong Corrosion Resistance – Surface of the glass is smooth, it will not keep residue stains and food color. Abrasion resistance, hard to cause scratches, long-term use is still crystal clear, beautiful and moving, is the most healthy cooking equipment for delicious.8. Lasting as New - Food flavor will never residues, no matter to save any food with strong flavor, it will not keep the smell. The pan will be as new after long-term using, it is easy to keep it.