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Core Technology

Ever since its inception, Kanger has been taking “An enterprise without innovation is an enterprise without soul” as its motto and committed to technological innovation and taking core glass-ceramic core technology as the foothold of the enterprise. Kanger invests great manpower, material resources and financial resources in building a unique technology R&D system in the industry, establishing a professional R&D team with foreign experts working in, and setting up Kanger Glass-ceramic Material R&D Center.
Kanger attaches great importance to scientific research. “Kanger Glass-ceramic Material” has had the most advanced glass research center, China’s leading associated laboratory, test center and scientific research work station. In the field of technology, Kanger has established long-term partnerships with many well-known universities around China, and taken part in the development and amendment of domestic and industry standards for times. Relying on a complete innovation mechanism and sustainable and tremendous investment in scientific research resource, Kanger has always had its technological level maintain a leading level in China and even the world as a whole.